Reindeer hunting as world heritage
A ten thousand year-long tradition
Børge Brende to chair the World Heritage
Børge Brende describes the work on the nominations as inspiring. He believes that “Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage” is an excellent project that should qualify for inclusion on UNESCO’s list.

”A top-shelf choice”
The Board is united in expressing its satisfaction at having Mr Brende as Chairperson. Given his experience and background, he was seen already at an early stage as a highly suitable candidate to chair the project, but it is not until now that everything has fallen into place.
“We wanted to find a top-shelf candidate for the job and this shows that we did the right thing in taking our time over the decision”, says County Governor Kristin Hille Valla, who sits on the board along with the Mayor of Lesja, Per Dag Hole. With Mr Brende as its Chairperson, the project will gain added clout, both nationally and internationally.