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The project ”Wild reindeer hunting as world heritage” aims to promote the inclusion of wild reindeer, the cultural heritage associated with wild reindeer hunting and the landscape in which they both are found on UNESCO's World Heritage List. This will be done by disseminating information about wild reindeer and the exciting history represented by the associated cultural heritage.

The first step towards meeting this objective is achieving a place on Norway’s tentative list of sites and topics that Norway as a nation wishes to nominate to UNESCO's World Heritage List. The tentative list will be completed by the end of 2007.
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27.10.2008 Annual report 2007 Read more »
The year 2007 was an important year for the project, in which a great deal happened. The annual report shows that there was active contact at the national political level as well as with the local community and expert groups. The annual report can be downloaded under ‘Publications’ (right-hand column on the home page).
03.10.2008 Mayors chose wild reindeer hunting Read more »
In the latest edition of its journal Kulturarven, Norwegian Heritage urged mayors in the partner municipalities to present their cultural heritage sites. Both the mayor of Dovre and the Mayor of Lesja chose wild reindeer hunting.
17.09.2008 Information to the Norwegian Supreme Cou Read more »
In the middle of September, the Supreme Court toured around Oppland. Its objective was to get to know the area better. One of the projects that was presented was Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage.
29.02.2008 State Secretary Sørensen emphasises the Read more »
At the tourism conference ‘Naturverdier og verdiskaping’ (Natural values and value creation), State Secretary Heidi Sørensen emphasised the unique position of wild reindeer.
04.02.2008 Interest in wild reindeer hunting in Opp Read more »
Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage had its own stand at this year’s Kulturkraft in Oppdal (cultural heritage festival). The stand was well-visited by young and old alike, and the chance to try hunting with a bow and arrow was a particularly popular attraction.
18.12.2007 Børge Brende becomes Management director Read more »
‘I feel rather sad to be leaving the project now that it appears to be running smoothly’, says Mr Brende. ‘However, being chair of the board of Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage cannot be combined with working for the World Economic Forum, where the workplace is in Geneva.
10.12.2007 Great expectations Read more »
This is the board’s immediate impression after meeting State Secretary Heidi Sørensen on Thursday 6 December 2007. Ms Sørensen expressed a great deal of interest in wild reindeer and wild reindeer hunting.
20.08.2007 Opening of Reinheimen National Park Read more »
On Saturday 18 August, Minister for the Environment Helen Bjørnøy opened the Reinheimen National Park. ”Reinheimen has great cultural heritage assets,” said Ms Bjørnøy in her speech at Billingen in Skjåk. During her visit to Lesja Bygdemuseum (Lesja rural museum) later that day, the Minister saw some of these in the exhibition which has been created there.
23.04.2007 An exciting and interesting project Read more »
”An exciting, interesting and important topic,” was Christopher Young’s conclusion after spending three days in wild reindeer country. Christopher Young was invited by Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage to assess the project and come up with ideas for how the initiative can be related to UNESCO’s global strategy.
30.03.2007 Members of the Norwegian Storting from O Read more »
This initiative will be very important to the interior and not least to the northernmost districts in Oppland. This was the conclusion of the politicians following the presentation of Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage at the Storting on Wednesday.
22.02.2007 Members of the Norwegian Storting from M Read more »
Members of the Norwegian Storting (parliament) for Møre og Romsdal showed great interest in the Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage project when they attended a presentation of the project on Wednesday 21 February 2007. They commented afterwards that it was an exciting and interesting project.
20.10.2006 Sensational discovery of new trapping fa Read more »
The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) has reported the sensational discovery of a new trapping facility in the eastern section of Reinheimen. The discovery was made just before the first snow fell in October this year.
07.09.2006 Meeting with Helen Bjørnøy Read more »
After the meeting with the board of the project Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage, Helen Bjørnøy commented that the project was both exciting and interesting. The meeting was held at the Ministry of the Environment on Tuesday 5 September.
28.08.2006 Great interest shown at contact forum me Read more »
After the conclusion of the two-day contact forum meeting, the board concludes that there is still a great deal of interest in the project at the local level. The board would also like to emphasise that it is optimistic as regards the Ministry of the Environment’s response.
04.08.2006 Expert justification sent to the Directo Read more »
The expert justification for why Wild Reindeer Hunting and Wild Reindeer should be given a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List has now been produced in booklet form. The board sent the publication to the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the Directorate for Nature Management in the middle of June. The Minister of the Environment, Helen Bjørnøy, was also given a copy during her visit to Aursjøen in July. “We are now eagerly awaiting the response,” says chair of the board, Børge Brende.
27.07.2006 Visit of Minister of the Environment Read more »
In connection with the archaeological survey around Aursjøen, Lesja, Minister of the Environment Helen Bjørnøy went on an inspection tour of the area. The main emphasis was placed on the exciting and significant finds that have been made in the course of this year’s field season, and problems in connection with the ongoing hydro-electric power development licences. However, Lesja’s Mayor, Per Dag Hole, used the occasion to present the “Wild Reindeer Hunting as World Heritage” project and once again extended an invitation to the minister to attend a more detailed presentation.
27.07.2006 Well-preserved hunting pit Read more »
In the week beginning 26 June an extremely well-preserved hunting pit was discovered at the now damned-up Grynningen Lake in Lesja. The hunting pit came to light during the ongoing archaeological survey being carried out by Oppland county municipality.
27.07.2006 Sami settlement in the Snøhett area Read more »
In connection with the ongoing archaeological exploration in the municipalities of Lesja and Nesset, four Sami-type hearths were discovered. An exciting find that confirms what was suggested by the earlier material, says Jostein Bergstøl, archaeologist and member of the expert team for the “Wild reindeer hunting as world heritage” project.
27.07.2006 Inspection by the expert team Read more »
The expert team inspected the area from Monday 3 July to Wednesday 5 July. The team concluded that the three days in the field had been extremely worthwhile.
02.06.2006 Meeting with the Directorate for Cultura Read more »
On 23 May the Directorate for Cultural Heritage invited the two projects, Wild Reindeer Hunting as Cultural Heritage and Ceavccageaðge/Mortensnes to a joint meeting. The purpose of the meeting was for the Directorate to gain better insight into the two projects in order to assess whether they overlap and whether each of them can satisfy UNESCO’s requirements for outstanding universal value.
30.03.2006 Børge Brende to chair the World Heritage Read more »
Former Minister of the Environment Børge Brende has agreed to chair the project to have the tradition of wild reindeer hunting included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Mr Brende was Minister of the Environment during the period when the work was done on the nominations for Vegaøyan, the Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord. These areas have now all been included on the list.
29.03.2006 Financing progressing well Read more »
After the meeting of the contact forum in December 2005, applications were sent to County Governors, county authorities, municipalities and the local mountain management boards in the area, requesting financial support for the project. Most of the municipalities have now considered the application and so far we have not received a single rejection.
29.03.2006 Newsletter Read more »
The project is starting a newsletter service in order to ensure that good information will reach as many people as possible. We will distribute a newsletter after every board meeting (approx. six times a year).
29.03.2006 Wild reindeer accident arouses national Read more »
On 8 March, mountain ranger Hallvar Doseth discovered an avalanche just north of Bjorli in Lesja municipality. The avalanche had buried many reindeer, and the first estimate was approximately 140 animals. The discovery led to great media interest. Lesja municipality was contacted by several newspapers in additional to the national television companies NRK and TV2. This shows how much interest there is in wild reindeer also at the national level.

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